Lyme Disease Survey

Readers at my Blog know I have a condition called Bronchiectasis. I obsess about it. I have Google Alerts set, I look for articles, I obsess over my diet, and while I don’t have it as bad as some, I always hope someday, someone finds a cure.

This happens when anyone has a condition.

My friend, Chris, has Lyme Disease. He got it in his early 40s. He hates Lyme Disease, I assume, like everyone with Lyme Disease (oh, I’m sure there’s some wierdo who loves having Lyme Disease, but this Blog and survey isn’t for that oddball).

My friend, Chris, has suffered. He’ll deal with Lyme Disease his entire life. Yesterday he told me he takes 10 to 15 pills daily to ward of the effects of Lyme Disease.

10 to 15 pills! Wow.

So he has this idea to combine all the great anti-Lyme disease supplements and, his words, “make it cheaper and easier for you to keep fighting.”

If you’re fighting Lyme Disease, please take this surveyIf you know someone with Lyme Disease, forward this Blog entry and encourage them to take the survey. If you love Don (that’s me) share this to your Facebook or Twitter because you probably actually know someone with Lyme Disease and they just haven’t made a big deal out of it.

Seriously. I’ll return the favor. Thanks.

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