So Many Good Things

Ever have one of those days where you’ve got so many things to brag about, you don’t even know where to start?

81ejepaabql-_sl1500_Like, I could tell you about my Eurolux Stainless steel, Cool Touch Electric Kettle and how it’s changed my life. Or you can read my glowing Amazon review. Life. Changing.

Or I could talk about the most incredible book I’m reading called The Brain Fog Fix and I think everyone should read this book. It’s all about our modern lifestyle and diet and technology are making us anxious, stressed out, sleep-deprived, and more prone to bad choices. It talks about how eliminating certain types of foods and adding more good foods could help ward off dementia and Alzheimer’s (which is my biggest fear). 418or9fkvflI am listening to the audio book, but I also just purchased the Kindle edition so I can read it a second time and make notes and an action plan. First the book educates the reader and then, lays out a 3-week action plan that addresses diet in week-1, exercise in week-2, and something else in week-3.

Then again, I could tell the tale of my vacation (some funny stories), or start to explain why I can’t resist my daughter and will be getting her a hamster this weekend (you have nooooooo idea how much research she’s done, all the notes she’s taken, and all the phone calls she’s made).

Or what about my daily commute tracking sheet? Look at how construction affected my commute today? Weep for me.


For now, it feels good enough to lay out a Blogging plan. I’m way behind on Survivor so I’ve again failed for spunkybean.

It’s almost salsa season and I’m re-opening the Donnie Jalapeno salsa factory and I might be expanding (and when I say “expanding”, I mostly mean renting space at a commercial kitchen to make many batches at once).

OK. Gotta work. Gotta dance!

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My biggest fear in life is Alzheimer’s disease. It runs in my family. It took my Grandma away from us. My Dad is involved in an ongoing study and he worries about it (and I think he shows he has a gene that makes him getting it more likely). I obsess about it. Every time I forget someone’s name, or when I can’t remember what the halls of my high school looked like, I start to think I’m suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Hey. It’s my obsession. Give me this one thing (because I rarely obsess over anything …yes, that sentence was meant to be read sarcastically).

Enter the book The Brain Fog Fix by Dr. Mike Dow. I’ve read many self-help books in my day. I rarely read fiction or biographies, but instead I read self-help and self-improvement books, and never has a book spoke to me more directly than this book. Only 2-hours into it, and it’s like I’m sitting with a counselor/dietician/friend who “gets me.”

My early takeaways . . .

  1. Fix what I eat
  2. Fix how I sleep and exercise
  3. Make it my lifestyle

Why do I like this book? Isn’t it stuff I already know? Well, yes and no. I tend to eat in ways that are geared towards athletes or people who need to lose a massive amount of weight and the diets tend to be gimmicky and unsustainable. And I’m not obese or overweight, so eating like someone trying to lose 3o, 40, or 50 pounds is a little silly. I’m not saying to obese people they shouldn’t try silly or gimmicky diets – do everything you need to do to lose weight. My quick thought on being overweight – once I read about being 20, 30, or 40 pounds overweight and the author said, “imagine when you woke up in the morning I handed you a 25 pound bag of sand and told you to carry it around all day.”  The point was, you’d hate it. By the end of the day, your back would hurt, your knees would hurt. You would feel tired. You would want to sit down and rest. You might find yourself out of breath when walking up a flight of stairs or playing in the yard with your kids.

You see where the lesson is, right? If a person is 20+ pounds overweight, this is how they’re living every day. Most weight gain is gradual and we don’t feel much different because the weight gain came a pound or two at  a time, over many months and years, but if you’ve looked at the height-weight chart, lately, you and I both know how many bags of sand you’re carrying and what that’s doing to you.

OK. So “weight” is another thing I obsess about. Two things, OK. That’s not a problem. I could quit obsessing at any time.

I’m not here to scold anyone about their weight, but I wish anyone overweight would help themselves lose a little – obesity is as bad for you as smoking or drug use. Just my strong opinion.

Back to the “brain fog.” I’ll admit. I’ve been in a bit of a “fog” and it’s partly because of some crazy diet and eating pattern I’ve been doing.

Dumb. Well, no more!

And the point of this blog isn’t about “whoa is me”, but the main point it this – if you feel like you’re struggling a little with brain fog, depression, anxiety, and sleep problems, well, I’m not a doctor, but it could be partially (and I do want to make sure you notice I used the word “partially” because I know it’s not a quick fix and one-size-fits-all solution), but it’s a part.

Eating right and exercising isn’t a revolutionary concept, but this book puts it all together and maybe, just maybe, if I was (or am) going to get Alzheimer’s, maybe I can take some steps to delay it (or avoid it all together).

Thanks for reading.


The Best Podcast I’ve Heard in a While

I believe in Divine Inspiration. I believe that sometimes, when I pray (and I believe in prayer because, well, at the risk for making my readers uncomfortable, I believe in Jesus and God and I believe there is some good in praying to them), someone is listening and sometimes, whomever that is listening – Jesus, God, Angels, spirits – guide me. Trust me, I don’t have the whole theology thing figured out …not even close …but I believe I’ve been guided at times.

divine inspiration

I feel like Divine Inspiration was in play when, after recently skipping a few of Tim’s podcasts, I noticed Tim Ferriss, of 4 Hour Work Week fame, had Seth Godin on his podcast. If you don’t know Seth Godin … you should. OK, let me put it this way …if you don’t know Seth Godin, and you’d like to take my advice, listen to Seth on Tim’s podcast. You can get it on iTunes, stream it by clicking here, or just go to this blog. You’ll learn who Seth is, how he’s been successful, you’ll hear two successful dudes riffing back and forth, and I think you’ll want to start being a better version of yourself.

There you go. Someone simple, today. You can knock this out on your commute (seriously …turn off Sports Talk or News Talk for a round-trip back and forth to work …trust me …Trump will still be crazy, tomorrow, and nothing all that exciting is happening in NFL free-agency).

More about the Tim Ferriss podcasts in my next post.

The Whole30 Is Killing Me!

OK. The Whole30 is not literally killing me, but I feel tortured. There’s so much I cannot eat. I know it’s for my own good, but I’m suffering. I don’t know if I can do this. Aren’t “Dad Bods” a trendy, sexy thing? Why do I want to be skinny, sleep better, be more mentally alert, and breathe better? Dumb idea.

I complained in more detail at my Medium blog. Read it here: Diet is Making me Grumpy and Bitter

Why did I do this? I have no answer. How much do I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread? Oh …more than I’ve wanted anything every in my life.


The Original Dog Whisperer

Right around the holidays, I got tired of being laughed at for complaining about my dog. I didn’t like being laughed at, yet I wasn’t doing anything to make it stop. I admit …I don’t like dog ownership. I’m not a dog lover. I learned this with my first dog.

Fresh outta college, some 20 years ago, my wife and I thought, “we need a dog.” So we got a dog. It’s what Yuppies do. We got a beagle. We spoiled the beagle. The beagle wasn’t trained. We did just about everything wrong. That dog drove me insane. It was obnoxious and disobedient (totally the dog’s fault, right?). I grew to almost hate the dog and resent it. Then we had a baby. Then we had another. Then another (3 kids under the age of 4) and this dog had a hankering for diapers and if ever, absentmindedly, we left a stray diaper laying about and not secured inside the Diaper Genie, the dog would rip it to shreds and I’d be cleaning up microbeeds, urine soaked tissue paper, and …worse …poop. But wait …there’s more. Within a half-hour, I would be cleaning up dog throw-up, full of diapery goodness. I blamed it all on the horrible dog and convinced myself we had a defective, dumb, and useless beagle. I opined and that if wee were beagle owners 100 years ago when breeders were inventing the beagle, certainly this one would’ve run away or would not have been allowed to breed with the other beagles to create the perfect breed.

I hated the dog so much, I wondered if I’d be a good parent* (a good question after having a third child, right?).

I gave the dog to the Michigan Humane Society. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt a little guilty, but that dog was so cute and beautiful, I told myself, “oh, she’ll get adopted.” And that was that. I made a mistake (buying a dog). I fixed my mistake (got rid of the dog). I justified it that dogs are animals. No different than a raccoon or rat. A rodent we domesticated. And I told myself that people who like dogs and cats and willingly let an animal into their homes, and use hard earned money to feed and care for a damn dog …ha! Those people are idiots. Continue reading