Sweat and Odor? Solved by Degree Black + White

As I’ve gotten older, my reason for buying things is because they solve problems and improve life.  I’ve developed a greater appreciation for things like vaccines, freon, electricity, and plumbing – innovations that made the world better …forever. Not to mention Bogs, rain boots, gutter guards, and Spotify. Life changing stuff, folks.

Image result for degree black and whiteNext on that list is Degree’s Motion Sense Ultraclear Black + White Antiperspirant. For dudes who wear dress shirts, and with more of my dress shirts becoming “high performance” (which feature a blend of cotton and spandex so they can be wash n’ wear and wrinkle free), regular deodorant (by my lifelong brand Old Spice) doesn’t hold up all day.  Conversely, typical antiperspirants are white, chalky, and tend to make shirts yellowy or chalky in the pit area. I also think there’s something wrong about an antiperspirant that 24 hours later it’s still like clay under my arms and cannot be washed away with water alone.

But not Degree Ultraclear Black & White. It goes on smooth, smells nice, and at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it still smells nice (yes, I sniffed my own pits …when no one was looking), isn’t like dry plaster under my arms, doesn’t discolor my shirts or leave white residue on dark clothing, and upon arriving home from work and changing out of my work clothes, it holds up for the entire evening (which sometimes includes a workout) and rinses away with water in the shower.

Seems like every store can get rid of all their other brands and styles – this is like B.C. switching to A.D. It’s like when man learned to control fire or came up with the power of flight.

Hooray for science. Life. Changed. Forever.


Google Home Might Be Greatest Thing Ever

Don’t tell my wife, but I’ve fallen in love with another woman. Well, another woman’s voice. OK. Not another “woman” in the literal sense, but the female voice that greets me when I say, “Hey, Google,” many, many times each day.

How did I not rush out and buy one of these things the minute it was invented? At one point in my life, I was an “early adopter” of things, and now I’m a Johnny-Come-Lately.

But I don’t care. I love the Google Home Mini that I got in a white-elephant gift exchange last weekend. Yes. It’s only been one week, but that’s all it took to fall head over heels in love.

“Hey, Google …dictate a WordPress Blog entry…”

Full disclosure, no, I didn’t do that, but I’ve synced a buncha stuff. I can play anything on Spotify (I have premium …because I’m awesome). I can ask for any local station on iHeart. I can ask for the sound of a rain forest or ocean waves. I can ask for the 5-day forecast. I can ask for a joke. I can ask for The Eagles Greatest Hits played on shuffle.  I can ask it to play Penatonix Christmas CD, or for an Old-Fashioned Christmas playlist. I wanted to hear Paul Simon’s Graceland and it was as simple as, “hey, Google …play Paul Simon’s Graceland album.”  And …poof …just like that, there it was, playing in brilliant sound from my Mini.

google-home-product-photos-20Did I say, “brilliant,” sound? I did. For a small speaker, it has surprisingly quality audio. And when I upgrade to the original Google Home, and pair that with two Minis in well-positioned spots around my main room, I’m going to have a poor man’s Sonos system that fills my house with sound, recipes, news reports, and eventually will control my lights and crap. Remember when I wanted a Sonos system in the worst way? Well …you probably don’t remember, but I did, and now . . . no more.

I’m surrendering my life to Google Home. I have 9 Google Apps on my iPhone, now, and used Googe Assistant to set myself a few reminders. I’m becoming addicted to voice commands.

My life will never be the same.


The iHeartRADIO App is the BEST (use the All Access version FREE this weekend)

all access weekend

No. This isn’t me “drinking the Kool-Aid.” This is me, Don, the music and App lover.

This is me saying, “iHeartRADIO All Access is the best music App, followed by Spotify, followed by Pandora.”

Don’t believe me? Dude. Try the All Access version FREE this weekend. Here’s why it’s the best.

  • Listen to all your local radio stations, or any station in any city in the U.S.
  • Listen to a custom station that you curate with the classic ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ option.
  • Listen to niche stations that are built by true Program Directors who love music and the playlist isn’t left to chance. It’s like a radio station. I like Smells Like the ’90’s, The Vinyl Experience, and Gen X Radio.
  • Podcasts!!! Like everyone, I’m addicted to Podcasts but kinda hate the iTunes version (especially the latest update) and that sometimes they download as a file to my phone, sometimes they don’t, but when they do, they take up storage space. Not on iHeart. They have 99% of all the Podcasts you want and it’s streaming. Most of the time, I’m on WiFi, and even when streaming via my cell phone data, it’s just audio and doesn’t use that much.
  • Save and play Albums – any album. Save your favorite artists. Make a playlist. I made a playlist called “Music from my College Years” and add to it all the time as random songs jump into my head.

Here’s an old sizzle reel, but you’ll get the idea. I didn’t dream up this FREE All Access weekend, but I endorse it. Try it.

I’m Good at (and I like) What I Do!


If you have a business and thought about using audio (radio) to build your company, you should call me. For the third time in the past 6 months, a new client has called to say, “Don, we need to trim back on our radio a little bit because we can’t keep up.”

One medical practice is booked through the end of July and last week, even tho they weren’t on-air and nothing was running, people called, and when asked, “where did you hear about us,” they said, “on the radio.”

That’s the power of radio/audio branding.

Another client called me Thursday, an HVAC company that put their faith in me and launched a rather large, 4-station branding campaign (with a modest and understated call-to-action) combined with some well executed digital, and he, too, wondered if we could “back off” because he needs to hire another seller and a few installers because they, “are having a hard time keeping up and the phone is ringing off the hook.”

I keep reading articles about how advertisers are returning to the “mass media” becuase as we’ve walked down the road of one-to-one digital marketing, we’re missing the “spill” and the unintended target. Just because you say, “I’m after a Male between the ages of 35 and 54” (which is me), what about my wife who has a say in every purchase I make? Wouldn’t you want to be whispering in her ear, too? Even if quite by accident?

Sorry. Was drifting into another topic. For now, let’s focus on these two things:

  1. I love what I do (sell advertising).
  2. I’m good at what I do.

If you’ve even thought about “trying radio” or doing something different and big with your advertising, we should talk. Leave a comment. Find me on any social media and let’s start a conversation.

The Best Podcast I’ve Heard in a While

I believe in Divine Inspiration. I believe that sometimes, when I pray (and I believe in prayer because, well, at the risk for making my readers uncomfortable, I believe in Jesus and God and I believe there is some good in praying to them), someone is listening and sometimes, whomever that is listening – Jesus, God, Angels, spirits – guide me. Trust me, I don’t have the whole theology thing figured out …not even close …but I believe I’ve been guided at times.

divine inspiration

I feel like Divine Inspiration was in play when, after recently skipping a few of Tim’s podcasts, I noticed Tim Ferriss, of 4 Hour Work Week fame, had Seth Godin on his podcast. If you don’t know Seth Godin … you should. OK, let me put it this way …if you don’t know Seth Godin, and you’d like to take my advice, listen to Seth on Tim’s podcast. You can get it on iTunes, stream it by clicking here, or just go to this blog. You’ll learn who Seth is, how he’s been successful, you’ll hear two successful dudes riffing back and forth, and I think you’ll want to start being a better version of yourself.

There you go. Someone simple, today. You can knock this out on your commute (seriously …turn off Sports Talk or News Talk for a round-trip back and forth to work …trust me …Trump will still be crazy, tomorrow, and nothing all that exciting is happening in NFL free-agency).

More about the Tim Ferriss podcasts in my next post.

A Reflection on the Life of My Uncle Jerry


jerry at torch

Uncle Jerry was like a second father to me. I didn’t necessarily need a second father, because I have a great Dad, but it’s a blessing when a guy (me) has many guiding hands and influences. I was blessed.

My Uncle Jerry had a massive stroke on Wednesday, January 27th, and six days later, on February 2nd, he was called to Heaven. Over the years, I’ve been asked to deliver a few eulogies, a few wedding toasts, and to speak at some other events. Each time I’m asked, I’m completely flattered and humbled. And each time I’m asked, I’m anxious, afraid, and intimidated because it’s never easy. When asked, especially when it’s someone close to me and special to me, the pressure comes in finding the right words and the right story that will reflect well on that person’s legacy, personality, and memory.

It’s luck, really. I’m lucky that I’ve had amazing people in my life, so when I write from the heart, their lives, when put into words, make me look good. I just tell it like I see it.

So here I sit on the eve of Lent, and I can’t help but think of my Uncle Jerry and what a proud and good Catholic he was. As I talk about in my reflection, he wasn’t the type who made a point to tell you how Christian and Catholic he was. Instead, he spoke to his faith through actions and in the way he lived.

Jerry didn’t quote scripture. Jerry lived scripture. Being Catholic and going to church was something Jerry always did. Period. He had faith. Great, unwavering faith. Not like a show-off and in-your-face (Matthew 6:1-6:18) type of evangelizing with hints of hypocrisy.  Instead, the kind  of faith and devotion where you go to church every week. You listen. You think. You reflect. And then you live according to the lessons Jesus taught us. Jerry lived a good, honest life.

I share this because my Uncle Jerry was goodness and honesty personified. He could’ve been Lutheran, Baptist, Protestant, or, heck, he could’ve been Buddhist. He happened to be Catholic and he listened. He reflected. And then he lived.

It’s not hyperbole or exaggeration when I say he really was a better person than I may ever be. It wasn’t just me who thought that. His friend (also named Jerry) agreed and his reflection was much the same as mine. And his brother Roger skipped much of the reflection he’d written, because Jerry and I had already covered the basics.

If you’re thinking about Lent, and how you’ll use these next 40 days to repent, reflect, and look inward, I invite you to meet my Uncle Jerry. Read about how he made a difference with his life and watch an incredible video shot only a few weeks before he was called to Heaven.

Read the reflection and watch the video here.

Then …have a wonderful Lent.

Oh, Great, I Like Another Band That Typically Appeals to Teen Girls

Why!?!?! Why did I happen in A.K.’s office on Friday and why did the conversation get hijacked and turn towards my juvenile taste in music? Why, when I talked about Weezer and their upcoming tour, did it somehow take a detour and I found myself saying, “Weezer is touring with Panic At the Disco, and I’m a big fan of them, too?” At that confession, I should’ve been laughed at, but instead, A.K. says, “oh, Panic’s good. I forgot …you’re into those emo bands.”

Well, yes and no. I like Weezer. I like Panic. I like Fall Out Boy. With that list, A.K. says, “oh, then you have to check out The 1975 (learn about them here), a poppy, emo, band blowing up on the U.K.” In the article I linked, here’s two quotes . . .

But you don’t have to be a kid to like them: the 1975 were a band I expected to hate when I first heard that album.

If this is the album (their second album being released next monty) that determines whether the 1975 become U2 or Big Country, they’ve staked everything on the former outcome.

We took a road trip over the weekend and, well, I fell in love. To me, The 1975 is a little bit FOB, a little bit Duran Duran, and emo and glam and fun and brooding. Oh. They’re perfect. When they come the U.S., eventually, Taylor Swift is going to make sure you know about them and that you’ll like them, and I’ll greet them at the airport while holding a hand-painted sign.

Why can’t I just like Wilco and Death Cab like the rest of my fellow 40-somethings?

To my readers …meet The 1975.