Donnie Jalapeno Reigns Supreme! And spunkybean and The Bachelor Recaps

10420130_886021651420367_2669192316384554899_nWhen I leave this world, if there isn’t a patron Saint of Salsa, I hope I’ll be canonized in that category. Why? Because my Donnie Jalapeno salsa is that good. Since about October, I’ve been hammered with requests for it, and since my salsa makes the world a better place (hence my push for Sainthood), how’s that song go???  This little light of mine? I’m gonna let it shine. Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m going to let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.

“It” = salsa

I think I need to bring in Scott and Weldon to tell me if my worst-ever-business-model has any sustainability, but for now, I’m going to keep with how I do my salsa business.

  1. I post to Facebook, Twitter, and social media (and email my Donnie Jalapeno email list) that I’m making salsa on Thursday.
  2. Make salsa on Thursday in my kitchen.
  3. Have people come to my house on Friday and Saturday and pick up their salsa.

I don’t think you need an M.B.A. to recognize the flaw – limited distribution capability. The problem is, I know my salsa is the best but only when fresh (seriously …read the reviews).

Some food expert once said to add a preservative, and it changed the flavor. Someone else said “can it” and that worked, OK, but even then only has a limited shelf life.

That’s my challenge for 2018 …how to increase output without sacrificing the freshness that makes it the best salsa in the world.

What else? Oh, yes. The Bachelor is back!!! And so are my recaps at spunkybean. You can get started before Monday’s premiere by reading my quick analysis of all the women who’ll be chasing Arie.

Now, here’s that song about letting my light shine.


Things I Don’t Do: Write Like I Should … I’m a Writer Who Sucks at Blogging Consistently

Holy crap! I call myself a writer, and then on the blog that should be easiest to fill with words and fleeting thoughts, I can’t even get that right.

Like …I bought a writing desk for my room to celebrate my newest writing client. That’s blog worthy for two reasons …I’ve been shopping for a writing desk for almost 9-months, and it’s also totally awesome that another person/company agreed that, yes, they need help creating content for their blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And this is going to be a fun client. As a ghost-writer …I can’t tell you who …but seriously, it’s going to be fun to help them build their following.

My Donnie Jalapeno Salsa empire is being held back by nothing more than my own time and energy. I can’t stop it – it’s amazing. I’m completely flattered that people are diggin’ the salsa, and I get orders like every weekend. I have repeat customers. I have people emailing and texting me that they’re addicted and can’t get enough and if I could just get my act together, get my email distribution list together, get insured, and make a few phone calls, I think things could really take off.

I did figure out what it would cost to ship and I’m going to do that next week to a few friends …well, first after I experiment with canning it so I can ship semi-fresh. I want to first see what “canning” does to the flavor.

So much to think about. And all I want to do is play more Mario Kart.

I’m also waaaaaay behind on Yelp’ing and Foursquare’ing and “checking in” all the time. I kinda use Facebook as my crutch, and I think I’m like the king of Facebook, but there’s a big giant social media world out there and I’ve barely got my toe in the water.

Mmmmm …social media water.

Well, that’s all. I shot this great video of my 5-year-old setting the dinner table and singing Christmas carols because it snowed last night and she was so inspired by the snow, she was moved to song …and to make a snow ball and put it in the freezer. I swear it …I’ll post that later.



Things I’m Doing: Started Another Blog; Getting Ready to Launch My Salsa Company

I took the week off from blogging about me because I started another blog to support the worldwide debut of my salsa. So, for those counting at home, yes …I have this blog you’re reading, spunkybean, I blog as a ghost for two clients, and now I have Donnie Jalapeno.

As you know, I’ve blogged a few times about my salsa. I’ve been perfecting the recipe and making this for years. And for years, people have ranted and raved about it. I’ve always been extremely flattered, and that was about it. But people have been so supportive, they’ve almost been relentless about insisting that I sell it.

So, now I am.

The results of the “name Don’s salsa company” are in, and I’m going with my original idea for a name …”Donnie Jalapeno’s Salsa.” Lots of reasons, but you’ll have to follow the Donnie Jalapeno blog for the unfolding story of Donnie Jalapeno. I think I’m still going to give somebody free salsa for life by way of a random drawing.

Whatever you do, don’t stop reading and checking this blog, however. I’m still going to update it daily.

And if you find yourself in the Stanwood, Michigan area, make sure you stop by the Tullymore Farmers Market this Saturday, sometime between 8am and 1pm, and buy some Donnie Jalapeno Salsa. I’ll be the guy in the sombrero.

Things I Wonder: Is it Really Thursday, Already?

Why does my HP Mini laptop have a power chord with three prongs and the cord is thicker and more industrial looking than most of the cords on my power tools?

How did it get to be Thursday, already. I had many goals for this week, and wondering about how passage of time works wasn’t one of those goals.

What do you think would be a good name for my salsa and/or salsa company? Right now, the only thing I can come up with is Donnie Jalapeno Super Salsa.

Why do people say they “hate the Woodward Dream Cruise?” Especially Detroiters? They site traffic, exhaust fumes, and too many people all jamming around an 11-mile stretch of road and making things crazy for 4 or 5 days. I think even the haters, deep down, love the Dream Cruise just like I do. It’s such a celebration of Detroit and our nickname, “The Motor City.” Way back when, we proud Detroiters had the hardest working people building cars for the world. And we had the smartest marketers telling the world, oh, you need cars. In fact, they said, you need two cars. Further, do you know your car defines you and tells the world who you are? Yes …think about it. Somehow in a world without highways, expressways, and sprawling suburbs, auto and ad executives convinced people life would be better with a car and a car payment, and the added expense of gas and maintenance, not to mention adding one more thing to a long list of things that could kill you.

Once we wanted cars. Now we NEED cars.

So, that’s just something that makes me scratch my head. People hate the Dream Cruise. They mock it. They act as if it so negatively impacts their life, it should be cancelled.

Do these haters realize you can drive less than a 1/2-mile east or west of Woodward and barely know it’s even happening?


Why can’t people relax? Don’t watch the news channels …nobody ever relaxes there.

What were those firecracker/explosion noises that woke me up at 1:30am, last nigh?

Who is reading this blog entry?

And, really …I need ideas for names for my salsa. Help.

Do you get rubber in all four gears?