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radical-acceptance-150Reading:  I listened to a Podcast over the weekend and heard about the book Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddhawhich I thought sounding quite interesting. The Podcast (by Tim Ferriss) was talking about making yourself your “best friend” and …I know …that sounds like some 60s, self-love, cheesy stuff, but in the context of the Podcast (which was hilarious) and being told about the book by a guy who makes a living Blogging about procrastination and has written books and started off writing about his own personal everyday nonsense, I thought, “Don …maybe this will help you with your teenagers but, let’s be honest, you might get something out of it, too.”

Intermittent Fasting: OK. OK. I know earlier this year I was totally into this, and then I thought it made me jumpy, weak, cold, and feeling malnourished and I blamed it for some of my sleep issues, but I’m not smart and I’m doing it again. But why, you ask? Well, I’m thinking the “sleep” thing might not have been the fault of fasting and I remember how radically it jump-started my metabolism. Is it a dumb thing to do? Or one of the best, most natural things ever (part 1 and part 2 about how and why if you want to play along at home). It ain’t going to be a long-term thing – just a re-set, which is how most intermittent fasting enthusiasts use it.

nellienaturallogoSpearmint Goat Milk Soap:  Was at the Birmingham Winter Mrkt (yes …that’s really how they spell “market” and makes it sooooooo Birmingham) this past Friday and a woman selling goat milk soap (I think it was Nellie’s Natural Soap). She suggested (because my wife suggested) that it might be great for me in the shower to help open my sinuses. I probably should’ve gotten something with Eucalyptus, but she didn’t have that. Either way, it is quite lovely and smells great and I haven’t had a breathing issue since Friday – it’s gotta be the soap, homey.

Oh, and intermittent fasting is proven to help with asthma …probably because the person doing it isn’t scarfing down yeast and white bread, but whatever.

New soap. Some fasting. And a good book (audio book, but that’s just like reading). Finish the year strong.

Tomorrow’s topics:  bootcamp with my 13-year-old son, cold showers, more Christmas Wish-List items.


It’s Never a Bad Morning with Wisdom from Tim Ferriss

I’m calling the next 6-months the “Don Improvement Project.”

I’m gonna try the “get better by 1% each day” approach, and today started with actually  getting out of bed when I wake up, versus laying their and doing nothing. If I can’t go back to sleep and get back into R.E.M. sleep, I might as well get up. And so I did. Then I took a 15-minute walk, and then I swung a kettle-bell around for 15-minutes. I emptied the dishwasher. I enjoyed a cuppa coffee. I relaxed while shaving and showering.

It was good. And then I listened to Tim Ferriss dole out some bits of wisdom during my 25-minute commute and am better for it.

Tim Ferriss never disappoints and I’m devouring his new book, Tools of Titans, because it’s an enhancement of the years of his Podcasts I’ve enjoyed. I’m going to use it as a personal improvement manual …because that’s how he wrote it. To be used like a users-guide to me (you).

Here’s a little sample of Tim talking about his book and answering some fan questions. Enjoy.



5-Minute Blogging – What Is the Impossible Dream?

what is your impossible dream

7:48 a.m. – Start

I wonder if I should take my 5-Minute morning blogging to Tumblr or Medium because I want this blog to be about me, my birthday, and to be a place where I post my more polished and finished writing projects? Because, what is the goal of the 5-Minute blogging? The point, as I understand it from hearing my hero, Tim Ferriss, talk about it, is to take the things out of my cluttered mind and get it out on paper and organized. I did this yesterday and yesterday was a very good, very balanced day. For the first time in a while, when someone asked, “how was work,” I was actually and honestly able to say, “very good.”

I’m inspired to write, again. I was given a writing lead to write a 40,000 word book for a life-coach who writes about time management, life-balance, and  . . . get this . . . Catholicism. If you’re reading this and don’t know, I’m a proud Catholic.

I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, but I might be writing two books. Yes. This might happen.

Things happen if you think them and act on them. Every morning I watch a quick motivator from Darren Hardy, and today’s lesson was dreaming the impossible dream, hanging onto it, and never letting it go. My dream? To write my screenplay (I have quite a story that will only work as a film) and sell it to Disney or Pixar.

Gotta run. Gotta follow up on every open lead, call, and task from yesterday and get my email to Zero and start my day.

7-minutes. Ran a little over.

7:55 a.m.


Mel Robbins Says, “Stop Screwing Yourself”

On the way to work, I try to listen to something inspiring. Today I listened to Tim Ferriss‘s Podcast from April 27th called “Zero to Hero Transformations.”

I learned I need to watch less TV and read more. Here’s my reading list for May. Can I read all these books in May? Well, how about in May and June?

  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You
  • The Magic of Thinking Big
  • The Effective Executive
  • re-read The 4-Hour Work Week
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Then I watched my old friend, Mel Robbins, who I had the pleasure of writing for many years ago (didn’t write for her, but she let me write some things for her blog).

This was well worth watching right before I started my day. You won’t regret the 20-minutes you spend listening to her.

Yup. That’s all I got, today. Just a random collection of things I thought about, listened to, and watched this morning to get me all jazzed up on a Friday.

“Stop using the F-word . . . stop saying you’re fine.”  -Mel Robbins (like her book)

Make sure you follow Tim and Mel, it won’t hurt you. In fact, it will make you a better version of yourself. Surround yourself and flood yourself with positive messages, inspiring people, and joy and you will do everything better.

Mel Robbins @melrobbins

Tim Ferriss @tferriss

Fear, Loathing, Hesitation, and Whining

I’m not a firefighter.

I’m not a cop.

I’m not serving in our military and I’m not deployed to a war zone.

I’m not a tight-rope walker.

Why do I bring this up?

I listened to Tim Ferriss’s recent Podcast titled, “How to Overcome Fear – Lessons from Firefighter and Luger, Caroline Paul,” and something really struck me . . . my “fear” is not real fear. Do you “fear” things that, truly, shouldn’t invoke fear and the natural biological reactions that usually accompany a dangerous situation? I remember one time, when my first-born was really small, I was out for a walk pushing her in a rickety stroller, and a stray pit-bull approached us. This thing didn’t look like it was doing well – it was trotting, but limping, and sat down. Then got up and started walking, again. It came right up and started sniffing my daughter and I tried to spin the stroller around and put myself between the dog and my 1-year-old. The pit-bull didn’t like this and my quick movements made it angry. The pit-bull stopped and barked. I grabbed my daughter out of her safety buckles and lifted her over my shoulder. She started crying. She was afraid. I was afraid. Dogs, I’ve been told, sense fear. The dog got excited because, now, the toy (my daughter) or meal (again, my daughter) it wanted was being taken away, and was making noise, and I was making quick, jerky, defensive movements. I tried to remain calm, fully aware that acting and being excited would be seen as aggressive. The dog started jumping on me. Kinda playfully. But kinda aggressive. Pit-bulls are full of muscle and strength. I spotted a fenced-in yard about a hundred feet away. I began slowly walking towards this yard with my daughter on my shoulder (still crying …the dog definitely startled her), and leaving the stroller in the road. The dog started barking more and more (I think it was barking, “give me the baby and no harm will come to you, old man …and I’ll only eat one leg …I promise.”) It was walking and barking a few feet behind me. My plan was to throw my daughter over the fence and then jumped the fence, myself, in hopes the standard chain link fence would be tall enough to foil the dog’s pursuit. The dog’s barking turned to angrier snarling as I got to the fence and moved my crying daughter from my shoulder gently to the ground in this stranger’s yard. Snarling. Barking. Then it was my turn to hop the fence and when I quickly (quick movements don’t keep a dog calm) jumped onto the fence to throw myself over, the pit-bull saw this as aggression and bit my leg and jumped at the fence. His jaws didn’t lock. He loosened his grip to try for another chomp and because I was falling over the fence, my leg went flying and I fell over (almost on top of my daughter sitting on the ground crying). The dog was angry. Barking. Snarling. Jumping on the fence. I grabbed my daughter and went to this stranger’s back porch to catch my breath and calm down and . . . and I really don’t know what else. If that dog had jumped the fence, these people weren’t home, and I was trapped in their yard. Luckily, the dog ran back and forth along the fence. Barking. Jumping on the fence. Then it ran quickly around the perimeter (smart fuckin’ dog) trying to find an opening or get a better view, but the fence was enough. I knocked a few times on the homeowner’s door wall (or sliding glass door for those not from Michigan), but they weren’t home. I calmed my crying daughter and pulled up a chair at their patio set.

And waited. 

The pit-bull eventually got bored and slowly walked away. When it was out of site, and was out of site for 5-minutes, I hopped the fence. Got the stroller and put my daughter in it. And then I very, very (very) quickly got the two of us home. Quite an adrenaline rush. Quite a lot of fear. Quite a feeling of helplessness.

Quick aside to dog-lovers and tough-guys . . . you can judge me for being afraid, but I was. This dog was big, had no collar, and was aggressive. Sure, some of you would’ve probably knelt down in non-threatening way and calmed the dog. Fair enough. But I was scared and had read and heard enough stories about stray pit-bulls mauling small children and old men, so I wasn’t going to channel my inner-Crocodile Hunter.

What’s the point of all of this? Well, sometimes I’ll sit and wonder why I’m “scared to make a tough phone call” and I think I’m not alone. If I was alone, and crazy about every-day bullshit “fear”, there wouldn’t be hundreds of articles about overcoming fear of public speaking, cold-calling, dating, opening a business, writing a book, or dozens of other things (my favorite …”fear of failure.”).

An angry pit-bull made me scared. But today, I’m going to start differentiating real terror and the anxiety that comes with it (like knocking on the door of a drug dealer’s house with a gun drawn like a police officer) and being slightly-uncomfortable about a conversation, phone-call, or project.


This Blog Doesn’t Look Good


This blog doesn’t look very good. I tell people, “oh, hey, I’m a blogger, and a freelance ghost-writer, and social media expert,” and I can’t imagine what they think if they come to my blog. They see a grey, lifeless layout without much content, without a picture of me, and without all the other things bloggers would tell you a blog should have.


And visitors here also see a blog without a mission or purpose. A blog missing a mission and purpose is a definite no-no.

Recently I listened to Tim Ferriss’s Podcast with Derek Sivers and thought, “oh, man, that’s what I need to do.” Look at his webpage (or is it his blog)! Is it nice and pretty like Heather Havenwood’s, Rochelle Melander’s, or Marlena’s pages? No. But it has a purpose. Derek Sivers has a bio, a bragging bio, lists of blog posts, and lists of books and various other things her reviews. Essentially, if you like what David Sivers is about, then you’ll like his page and all the supporting pages.

My blog? Well, if you like what I’m about, my blog doesn’t really reflect what I’m about and if you don’t know what I’m about  …again, the blog doesn’t tell you crap about me.

If the only thing I accomplish in 2016 is making my blog nice-looking, organized, and representative of what I do …it’ll be a win. 30-minutes a day. That’s it. In 365 days, it’ll mean I spend 182 hours (or the equivalent of 7 1/2 days working on my blog) and that should mean some sort of progress.

Construction. Begins. Now. Where can I find a “Men at Work” sign.

Bulletproof Coffee

“Gee. Don never drinks bulletproof coffee at home.”

About a month ago, awesome-guy Tim Ferriss posted a video of his power coffee recipe and I thought to myself, “no, Don. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere, or you’ll be dangerously close to becoming a stalker. You can’t do everything Tim Ferriss does.”

Then today happened, and I came back fresh from a long weekend with my son, brother-in-laws, and nephews in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. During the 8-hours I spent driving there, and the 8-hours back (some of which spent in silence while my ten-year-old son (a) played iPad, (b) slept, or (c) read books – he read 3 books cover to cover, by the way ), I thought about getting healthy, once and for all. And I started thinking about “going Keto”.

Lo’ and behold, after only a few minutes of researching this “keto” phenomenon, I came upon the recommendation of “bulletproof coffee” by Dave Asprey and …OK. I’m in. Gonna make it tomorrow morning (as soon as I watch these two (1, 2) videos from detractors).

Oh, and I added “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog to the right.